Q2 Panel 2014

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“The second book in this series is even better than the first (The Golden Scarab)! Mr. Lothian wrote a great story in a really fun setting – ancient Egypt. This was an exciting book! It has a lot of humor and action! I like that. …  The new characters in this book were awesome too (especially the lisping sphinx)!”
★★★★★ review  /  This Kid Reviews Books

“… S.W. Lothian’s second book in The Quest Series is absolutely wonderful – even better than the first. The Cursed Nile takes the reader on a time-traveling, fast-paced, action packed adventure that will leave you breathless. Can’t wait for the third book in the series.”
★★★★★ review  /  Mother Daughter Book Reviews

“… every bit as action-packed and thrill-filled as its predecessor. This author has blazed a new trail for writers of adventure fiction … The character development is exceptional; the author has a remarkable talent for creating very likeable and lovable heroes out of normal pre-teens. I strongly recommend this book, AFTER you read the first one. And I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to read “Quest Three: The Fallen Pharaoh”, soon to be released.”
★★★★★ review  /  Reader’s Favorite

“… Like his first book, Quest One: The Golden Scarab, it is another fast-paced adventure sure to appeal to middle grade lovers of fantasy and adventure.”
★★★★★ review  /  Laurie Cameron  /  Amazon

“… SW’s novel is action packed and full of the excellent adventure tat(sic) takes place in his first book… Can’t wait for Quest Three to see where the three amigos will be summonsed to next!”
★★★★★ review  /  Jennifer Moss  /  Amazon

“… plenty of action, a bit of suspense, a dash of humor and an ending in which–(Oh, come on. You didn’t really think I’d give away the ending, did you? You’ll have to read it yourself.)”
★★★★★ review  /  pxreader  /  Amazon

“… The lyrical delight of the first volume in the “Quest” series-“The Golden Scarab”- continues apace in this new entry relating the new series of events in this magical fantasy saga … Middle-graders, YA, and yes, adults can all find delight in this series.”
★★★★★ review  /  Mallory Heart Reviews  /  Goodreads

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