Q3 Panel 2014

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“The Fallen Pharaoh is another example of S.W. Lothian’s very entertaining talent for creating fascinating stories out of History and his imagination. Lothian has another, as yet unnamed, adventure for these remarkable kids, due out sometime in 2014. … I highly recommend the whole series for your reading pleasure. It’s an exceptional adventure series.”
★★★★★ review  /  Lee Ashford for Readers’ Favourite

“Mr. Lothian’s Quest Series keeps getting better! I am finding that this is one of those series that I wait for the next book to come out. … The story plot was super exciting.”
★★★★★ review  /  This Kid Reviews Books

“A fast paced action packed adventure that will teach kids a huge amount of ancient history, topped with classic one liners including sand dribbling statues, papyrazzi and hieroglyphic graffiti. …  I loved this third book in the series and recommend for kids aged 9-12.”
★★★★★ review  / Jujuberry37  /  Amazon

Wow! This third book is absolutely awesome. …  I am excited to find out what happens in the next book. The book is well written and is such an intriguing adventure you can’t put it down.
★★★★★ review  /  Sandra K Stiles  /  Amazon

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